VMware Events - Account Issue FAQ

Question: What is a VMware ID?
Answer: VMware events have enhanced the registration process by integrating with broader VMware systems and SSO login processes. If you already have a VMware ID, please use it to register for your event. If you do not, please take the steps to create a new ID. Your VMware ID credentials can be used for VMware events, Customer Connect, My Workspace ONE, and more. Please note that Partner Connect login is different from a VMware ID.

Question: I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
Please click here to reset your password.

Question: I did not receive my activation email. What are my next steps?
It may take up to 15 minutes for the activation email to arrive. Please check your spam/junk folder. You can also resend your activation email by logging into your account.

Question: I am getting an “Unable to process your request. Please try again” error. What should I do?
Please close all browsers and delete your cache and try again. If the error persists, please contact us selecting the "Other Errors" category.

Question: How do I change the email address associated with my account?
Answer: Please click here to update your email address. Please note that you must be logged in.

Question: I got an Error 621. How can I resolve it?
Please ensure that you have a complete address filled out. You are able to edit your address here. If the error continues after 48 hours, please contact us selecting the "Error 621" category...

If you are still unable to log in or have any additional questions regarding your account, please, contact us..